The New Red Scare & It's the Left that is Scared!

I postulate that the regressive left opposes Alabama Senator Sessions from becoming United States Attorney General not because he is some sort of racist bigot, but because he is an Anti-communist. The regressive left is afraid they will loose there positions which they can subvert the American people with International Communist ideology. I will try and demonstrate how the Regressive Left is lying, and said they see their Communist dream dying before them.

Senator Jeff Sessions was said to have been offered the role of U.S. Attorney General. This was rumored to happen yesterday 11/17/16. This caused quite a bit of upset because there has been a narrative tat Sen. Sessions is a racist. This stems from both his Borking as a U.S. District Judge in 1986, and again his opposition to Supreme Court Associate Justice Sotomayor during her confirmation hearing.

I posted a Democracy Now article earlier today which call Alabama Senator Sessions a racist. I removed it as upon further examination of the facts, the article was highly partisan and inaccurate in its characterization of the Senator Sessions case against Albert Turner, Ethel Turner, & Spencer Hogue. The case in question was about conspiracy to commit voter fraud. It is true no guilty conviction was returned. It is inaccurate to say it was racially motivated. According to the NTY 6 Jul 1985 paragraph 7 "Lawyers for the Justice Department also said the contested votes came in elections involving black candidates only and that race was not a factor in the Government's investigation." If you have a lot of time I have included the U.S. Government's appeal here: An reasoned and independent reading of the circumstances can not bring someone to the conclusion the his bring of the case was racial motivated. It is important to state the government could not prove its case beyond a reasonable doubt. I a personally glad for such a high standard when you consider the number of years they would've faced if convicted if probable but not without a doubt.

Democracy Now seemed more angry that Senator Sessions seemed to think that the ACLU and the NAACP might be Communist or Un-American. Mind you these were the people that wanted to Red Scare you when Secretary Clinton still had a chance of becoming President of the United States of America. It is now that they are not in power, and their might be a real removal of Commuinsts that they're not fear mongering about deportations, and purges. I'm not going to tackle the Un-American question. Both groups have done things I agree and disagree with. However I will tackle if they have Communist leanings.

Roger N. Baldwin founder of the ACLU wrote a pamphlet 1928 praising Lenin “Liberty Under the Soviets” He would later become disillusioned later in his life in 1953 writing how the Soviets had violated Human Rights. In his work a “New Slavery” However to say that he wasn't sympathetic International Communism is to ignore the facts.

Now W.E.B. Dubois founder of the NAACP He joined the Socialist party 1911. Then later became a member of Communist party in 1961. Its pretty clear that he was a Communist and Marxist.

Morefield Storey Co founder of NAACP. He was an Anti-Imperialist Code which is code for communist. The NAACP received Soviet funds from 1928-1932

Mary White Ovington joined the Socialist Party in 1905 and wrote Socialism and Feminism in 1914

So what are they really mad about? Is it that Senator Sessions is an anti-socialist & anti-communist, and their hold will be weaken with in such a strong position?  

Brian Gagetdoc CeeComment