11 Days Later...

This time around on the presidential election cycle I decided to take a hands off approach. I did not vote, nor did I plan to, but I know there's many many voters out there who are swayed by headlines or the people around them to vote one way or another. I watched only short clips of the debates, never sat through an interview, and mostly skimmed facebook or tumblr dashboards to see what the people I chose to see the content of have to say. 


What did I learn about either candidate? One is a liar and murderer and the other is racist and misogynistic. I know vaguely of Trump's wall plan only because of the amount it got turned into a joke. For Hillary I honestly can't say I know much about her official stance on much.

Hillary  being a Democrat lends me to believe she's for gay marriage and universal health care, but from everything that's come across my screen I never saw many positive headlines in regards to her policies, only the reasons why she's better than Trump. On the other hand, headlines regarding Donald Trump generally had the same content, just with a spin. For example something along the lines of "Trump is going to save the country by deporting thousands"  or "Trump is racist for wanting to deport thousands". 


Could the lack of conviction and positivity coming out of the Clinton camp lost her the election? If nothing else it appears she would just carry on what has been for the last 8+ years. Trump barreled through criticisms and labels with an overall positive idea, "Make America Great Again" as it became to be known. As a passive on-looker, it's not very surprising Trump won, he's been promising change to America and won the vote despite a lack of political resume and despite the resources. How awfully familiar. 

And around around it goes.  

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