Fidel Castro & The Chamber of Echoes

What do Colin Kaepernick's football career, Fidel Castro, and the MSM all have in common?
They're all dead.

Today, my social media and news sphere is inundated with people bouncing between "CASTRO IS DEAD RIP IN PISS" jubilation and Trudeau-esque "mourning the loss of a special leader" memorial-statements.

My hope, is that by and large, that the majority of comments I would see would be tactful. But of course, we live in a country that (thankfully) provides for a wide array of viewpoints, ideas and beliefs that aren't necessarily all going to coincide, let alone get along civilly. This is a fantastic thing, if only it weren't squandered by so many useful idiots.

Useful idiots like the MSM and their ardent audience, who took a break from their constant "Donald Trump is Hitler...?" discussion to "remember a revolutionary leader who defied the US"; and smaller useful idiots like Colin Kaepernick- who all claim to want to take a stand against the US's system of mass incarceration and mistreatment of minority groups (not a bad stance on its own), who then proceed to either talk-up or outright defend Castro publicly apparently ignorant of all of the systematic persecution, forcible "reeducation" and deportation,  torture, murder, and general abysmal treatment of huge swathes of people and many minority groups, including many LGBTQ individuals; all of course to be nothing more than a satellite puppet and forward missile battery for the leftist wet dream that was the ol' imperialist USSR.

There is no debate about this. History shows that Castro was a murderous, repressive dictator who did his best to send Cuba back to the medieval age, but because he's a folk-darling of the US left's "Pantheon of Approved Demagogues", he gets a pass. It's all okay as long as you pay in full for people's healthcare- even if they do still want to flee from said free healthcare and everything else you provide, on a raft built out of old tires and car doors all made before JFK even parked warships outside of Cuba's sovereign waters.

For the MSM, logical inconsistency and hypocrisy is nothing new. There's a reason people have been tuning out & unsubscribing, opting instead to include more "alternative" news sites (see: you, right here, right now) to their feeds in order to gain a picture of the world that doesn't subscribe to the idea of the "wondrous" necessity of a reality that has a 'liberal bias', even if that means reading content from "Russian-sympathizing" *cough* organizations like Open Secrets, Wikileaks and various alternative news sites for performing actual, arguably integral journalistic services, as opposed to the same political-officer approved tabloid-telephone tag we see constantly bouncing through the echo-chamber of the contemporary-mainstream like a BB in a box car.

For Kaepernick, this is but another moment of naivety most likely jotted down for him on a flash card by his 'activist' girlfriend, who I'm sure definitely did NOT also pick out that dashing and completely historically-ignorant-and-ironic Fidel Castro/Malcolm X ensemble. If he wants to use pop-politics to attempt to keep his increasingly dubious professional sports career floundering above the watery bog of irrelevancy, it's his choice, and his cross to bear. And our entertainment to watch his stats and starts continually drop until he's battling it out with Tony Romo over who gets to attempt to salvage their football career on the Broncos, and who gets to go play baseball with Tim Tebow.

This is something that is, and probably will always be shocking to me, if only for the reason that I live in constant amazement in the knowledge that people can be this logically inconsistent and hypocritical without needing to be reminded to put the toilet seat up before they attempt to urinate; while still having the chutzpah to accuse other people- namely other news sites, of not being woke, and not parroting these kinds of stories and sentiments- writing them off as "fake news." We'll be seeing more of that instead of less, especially as the establishment attempts to capitalize on this "recount". Apparently REAL activists and revolutionaries get scammed twice- by Bernie Sanders AND Jill Stein.

 Truth is treason in a media empire of lies.  And these days, odds are if you can find your viewpoints neatly summarized and corroborated in some fluff article on MSNBC, HuffPo, Politico, Breitbart or Fox... well, you're probably not committing enough treason.

Based Heisenberg