What You Need to Know About the Jill Stein 2016 Recount Scam

Paul Joseph Watson, from over at Infowars.com, put out another fantastic video summarizing the gist of this entire recount launched by Jill Stein, which is now backed by the Hillary Clinton campaign.

Before we get into his summary of what is really going on, here's the background you need to know:  On November 23, Green Party candidate and loony toon extraordinaire, Jill Stein, started a crowdfunding operation in order to contest the voter integrity of three 2016 battleground states: Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.  Their contention is that there are concerns of both voter irregularities and possible cyber-attacks that cost Hillary Clinton the election, even though both the state and the White House both insist there is zero credible evidence of this occurring.

As of November 29, 2016 Stein has managed to raise $6.4 million of her $7 million goal.  On November 25th, she managed to file a petition to the election commission in Wisconsin for a recount, which Trump is likely to object to.  Although Michigan has already certified Trump's victory there, they will most likely begin the hand recount as soon as Friday, December 2nd, in order to meet their December 13th deadline.  Pennsylvania's recount, on the other hand, will be up to a legal challenge considering Stein missed their deadline by an entire week.

So, if there is no evidence of actual vote tampering and by all expert and voting official accounts that this will not change the outcome of the election, then what the hell is the point of all this?  That is where Paul Joseph Watson breaks down the best theory:

In the video he states:

Both Stein and Hillary Clinton’s campaign admit they have no proof whatsoever of any fraud, but Jill’s only doing this “because she really cares about democracy.” In fact, Jill cares so much about democracy that she has spent the last few days fawning over someone [Fidel Castro] who spent his entire life sending democracy activists to gulags.

Hey, Jill, Cuba’s last election seemed a little bit fishy. How about a recount there? And while you’re at it, why don’t you audit California and find out how many illegal aliens voted for Hillary.

That’s not going to happen, is it, Jill? Because this has nothing to do with electoral integrity. It’s about you remaining relevant, having failed to get barely 1% of the vote. It’s about you fooling people into giving you a ton of money for something disguised as a recount - which when you read the fine print actually says the surplus money is going straight into the Green Party’s back pocket. It’s about you trying to regain lefty street cred by doing Hillary’s dirty work for her. It’s about the left trying to delegitimatize Trump’s presidency before it even begins by stripping him of his Electoral College margin of victory, forcing Congress to directly to select Trump - so all the butthurt “Hillary won the popular vote” morons can go out and riot again, full of contrived righteous indignation.

Unless they engage in brazen fraud, Trump is still going to be President; but given that recounts won’t even be done in time, they’re going to use this to disrupt the Electoral College vote before December 19th.

So, basically, this is another leftist tactic to spark outrage and division from their base - oh, and to line Jill Stein's pockets now that she has earned twice as much money from this racket than she raised in her entire failed presidential run.

But in all fairness, Donald Trump is not doing himself any favors during this by arguing that widespread fraud caused him to lose the popular vote.  If the other team is claiming that fraud got you into the end zone, don't bitch about how many more touchdowns you could have scored if the other team didn't cheat too.  Just accept the win and move on.