Dr. Cali Estes on Using Marijuana to Treat Opiate Addiction

On Tuesday Night, Dr. Cali Estes made her live return, on the Quite Frankly podcast.  Earlier in the year, Dr. Estes joined me to talk about addiction therapy and how the current climate—as it pertains to pharmacology, the War on Drugs, and the subsequent enforcement of drug laws—actually hinders society more than it helps.  In this latest appearance, Dr. Estes focuses on her efforts in prescribing Marijuana to combat the worst effects of detoxing from opiate addiction.

You may have already started asking yourself questions like, "How do you treat heroin addiction with a substance that is still believed to be the ultimate gateway drug?",  "How is treatment administered?", and "What are the success rates?"  Well, we asked those questions and much more.

To end this fascinating conversation, I was also able to bring up some fresh news concerning the $6.3B bill that was approved by wide-margins in Congress, and subsequently signed into law by President Obama, designed to not only enrich Cancer research, but to also treat addiction.  Dr. Estes was able to give us her insight as to how that money will be spent, and whether or not it will end up doing any good for the people who need it the most.  Enjoy!

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