Cold & Flu Season Hacks with Dr. James LaValle

On Tuesday night's episode of the Quite Frankly podcast, our guest was Dr. James LaValle.  Dr. LaValle, brings an experienced approach to all-natural Cold & Flu season immunization.  At the onset of the segment, we address all of the factors which contribute to what we have come to know as Cold & Flu season, and then break down what could be done to not only diminish the length of time that a seasonal illness lasts, but also to prevent and safeguard against future incident.

This was one of the best calls we've had with a medical professional to date.  Dr. LaValle talks about the importance of diet, sleep, de-stressing, pH balancing, and more; including the usage of Vitamins A & D, and the wonders of Aged Garlic Extract (AGE).  To end the call, we took some questions from the chat room, and were even able to gauge the Doctor's thoughts on traditional Western Medicine modes of season vaccinations.  Enjoy!

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