Show Notes: Killer Parkour Robots?

Hello, folks, I just wanted to leave some of the notes I compiled for the last segment of Friday’s show.

It seems like every week there are new breakthroughs in how humans may be able to achieve orgasm with robots…However, in September the idea that robots could just as easily be turned into autonomous killers disrupted the Sex Bot news cycle.

Take a gander at this MarketWatch article:

So, that article pays reference to the classic Terminator Hunter-Killer aerial drone type units, but it also gets into how we will be facing a world full of biped and quadruped units as well. With that being said, this week we are given a glimpse at the newly upgraded Atlas robot from Boston Dynamics. My how they grow up so fast! Just two years ago, we were checking out the shelf-stocking and balancing abilities of Atlas. A new model of the Atlas was unveiled this week, and it is now more physically capable than half of my 2018 little league team.

This was two years ago (2016):

Here is what has been making the rounds October 2018:

 These things are almost ready for the NFL Combine.

In conclusion, we have been reading about Space Wars, Subterranean Wars, Augmented Reality, and the introduction of nationwide 5G Networks… It would make most sense to me, given these pieces that they all are meant to be connected. Here is the second half of last night’s show, addressing everything above.

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