A Sunday Update & A Bonus Podcast

Hello everyone, I just wanted to share the link for Friday afternoon's bonus podcast that I do every week with Tracy Beanz.  On the sixth episode of Dark to Light, Tracy and I get into all of the breaking headlines with James Wolfe, the 30-Year Senate Intelligence Committee aide who who providing a lot of information —some of it classified— to members of the Mainstream Media, including one reporter that he was giving it to doggy style... That and much more.

Another solid hour of talk, as the episodes have only gotten stronger and stronger.  Nevertheless, this upcoming week is going to be massive.  Not only is the President away on one of the most important Diplomatic Missions in our country's history, the Inspector General's report on the handling of the Clinton Espionage Act Violation Investigation (among other things) is going to be released on Thursday. 

Most importantly, my Little League team endeavors to make a magical run in the playoffs, which begin tomorrow night (Monday) at 6pm.

Here is the link for this week's Dark to Light, for your Sunday Night/Monday Morning Commute!


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