Ending the Week in a Supernatural Way

You know, I spill my guts for at least ninety minutes a night all throughout the work week.  So sitting down on the weekend, looking for something else to say, usually starts off as a daunting task, but I'm not one to shy from challenges.

This week really hasn't shown us much movement on the big issues we've been covering for a long time, but it did give us a chance to examine the culture more: Controversial Tweets, Hypocritical Network Firings, Boycotts, Feigned Outrage and Virtue Signalling, Presidential Pardons, Double-Standards; and that isn't even the half of it.  Hawaii is still oozing and spewing molten earth, but two people were escorted out of a Starbucks, in Philadelphia, for trespassing on private property and the news cycle comes to a screeching halt to discuss race relations on a twenty-four hour loop. 

There is no sense to be made out of all of this; there is no consistency to found; there is no peaceful solution, and it is all by design.  The world is being gobbled up by the theory of collectivism, that the individual can somehow find themselves within the blob.  It is a system that needs the outrage, sacrificial lambs, and martyrs  It is a #resistance that actually has little to do with Donald Trump.  I will find a way to bring this up over the course of the new week.

That being said, I do like the way we ended the week on Thursday and Friday—with a taste of the unknown, or that which is hidden.  The feedback received after both broadcasts gave me a great glimpse into people's desire to disconnect periodically from daily cultural microcosms and media ploys, and instead widen our scope to things that walk the line of the supernatural.  Nothing tickles me pinker...if I were any more pink I would be red...and better dead than red.

Now just for a little announcement: Tomorrow (Sunday, June 3) I will heading over to the studio to record the make-up podcast with Tracy Beanz. Dark to Light, Episode Five should be live by Sunday evening, so everyone will have their extra dose of content for bath time on Sunday, or during the Monday morning commute. 

I personally like to lube myself up with coconut oil and listen to podcasts baking naked in the sun. I absorb the information better that way.

- Frank