Show Notes: Illegal Immigration Profiteering & Faith-Based Initiatives

Before we begin, just a few reminders about this week's family-separating hysterics:

The Current Immigration Narrative is a complete DISTRACTION

o   The Left has no platform, no fundraising, and desperately needs the votes in a crucial election year. If their Blue Wave didn't resemble a clogged toilet, they wouldn't need to settle for recycled and re-packaged garbage to stir the pot.

o   The IG Hearing is dangerous, Which is why people like swollen-newborn-baby-face, Elijah Cummings, used their allotted time to weep about the separation of children from adults at the border… Even though they didn’t care when it was made into law during the Clinton administration. And if they cared when George W Bush was doing it, they took a cat nap when Barack Obama continued it.  NOW THEY'RE ALL HUMAN RIGHTS CHAMPIONS AGAIN on the week when Michael Horowitz gets grilled by House committee members. 

o   They’re champions who think that the clean beds, regular meals, outdoor time, and legal representation is PUNISHMENT and cruel compared to getting dragged across the desert and smuggled into a foreign country by the help of your parents AND/OR human traffickers… You can make a better argument that those kids are safer now than they were with their parents.

And for a very concise list of lies being spread right now, check this Daily Wire article out, by Ben Shapiro:

As for last night's (Tuesday) segment on the relationship between the Federal Government, our tax dollars, and the NGO's that have made a killing housing and dispersing illegal immigrants around the country, here are pertinent links:

The Original Last Refuge Thread We Read Through Together:

The CTH Article from 2014 on SouthWest Key: 

A few more links for stories that outline how pervasive the illegal immigration industry has been growing right beneath our noses.  Each new person who crosses the border equals $$$ to one or numerous organizations documented in any of these stories:

I shared some anecdotes from friends during the 6/19/18 broadcast as well, so you can always go back and sift through that episode yourself.  But, lastly, it's not just about opening up our Southern border to waves of illegal immigrants, who will one day be turned into Democrats to overwhelm the electorate once and for all; we've also learned that Obama was starting similar programs with Syrian refugees—like Angela Merkel and the mad sorority running Europe has been doing.

Now Lebanon wants the Churches to start sending those refugees back home:

How many do you think will return once they've tasted the sweet honeysuckle of the ignorant American taxpayer? 

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