Show Notes: James Comey Refuses to Protect CIA; Protects Russia Narrative Instead

There is too much going on just since signing off from the last night's show (Tuesday).  It was another amazing appearance by Black Conservative Patriot and thankfully we were able to put a really interesting story into frame; a story that has been largely ignored with all of the Red Hens and Red Herrings at the Border. BCP's time-stamped segment is embedded at the bottom of the post.

What is that story?  How many times have you and I asked the question aloud about taking Julian Assange up on his offer for proof that his DNC Leak sources were not Russian?  How many times have we mused about the fate of his overtures to Senator Mark Warner and anyone else who would listen?  

First, the primer, written by John Solomon for The Hill:  How Comey Intervened to Kill WikiLeaks' Immunity Deal

Now, for clarity's sake I am going to list the two short threads by Harold Finch from which I read last night on the show.

Thread 1: 

Thread 2:

There is no way to slice this to not make look James Comey and his Senate Intelligence buddy, Warner, look like criminals.  With an opportunity to make any kind of a low-risk deal that helps shield the CIA from the full brunt of the Vault 7 leak, coupled with an opportunity to draw some definitive conclusions on Russia's involvement in the 2016 "Hacks" does one explain walking away from all of that?  Especially if you're Director of the FBI?

Just a couple of months ago we learned about how Oleg Deripaska was being used to negotiate the release of U.S. assets from Iran without anyone knowing, skirting around possible issues of illegality...and now our FBI Director and Senate Intelligence Commitee members found it better that we keep chasing the Russia narrative for a couple of years, and roll the dice on just how bad the damage of Vault 7 could be to Central Intelligence?  Why? Was the cost of Julian Assange being able to step foot outside of the Embassy in London to grab a coffee too great? Or are we dealing with two people (Comey and Warner) who have far greater personal/political interests at stake?

Black Conservative Patriot’s call begins at the 43:49 timestamp

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