The Robert Otto Leaks: Unmasking The White House Resistance

On Friday night, September 21, 2018, we had on special guest, Kyle Olbert (@realKyleOlbert). That night Kyle presented to us a story that has received Zero attention from the media; this is the story of one Robert Otto, and tens of thousands of e-mails which implicate all of the same characters in all of the same Deep State scheming, but from a perspective not yet seen.

Take the following slideshow slowly. Take note of the names, the positions held, known associates, and political alliances. Everyone is using unsecured e-mail, and all seem to be working toward a common end…but it also re-introduces us to Fiona Hill, a part of the NSC, who is most likely the source of the Anonymous Resistance letter to the New York Times. These slides connect people, to places, to articles, to editors, to the White House itself…

It should be noted, as it is in the slides, that since the Friday night 9/21 broadcast, a revision has been made as to who Robert Otto was — there were two Robert Otto’s. The Robert Otto who served as LTG of the USAF was confused with Robert Otto of the State Department, and the INR’s Top Russia Expert. Department of State Robert Otto is the person of interest.

Keep these slides in mind. Kyle will be back on the show soon.


Frankie ValComment