Tonight is The New Computer's Maiden Voyage: Thank You!

This year has been an inspiring ride so far and we are barely a quarter of the way through. In March I was able to crowdfund all of the funds necessary for a brand new broadcast machine, new router, and invigorating decor/lighting for the interior of the studio — all within the time-frame of a week. One week! And whereas every night that we stream on this computer is going to be an act of gratitude, Lauren and I wanted to enshrine the names of those who propelled us across the finish line with blinding speed.

Thank you all so much, never forgetting the countless others who couldn’t donate money but donated time and shared word of the fundraiser through social media.

Also, thank you to Jim Lee ( who designed the computer; Derek Ortiz (Set The Charge) for assembly; Mike “Peteyface” Alonzi who installed the new machine last night (Friday) and into the morning so that we can give it a test drive this evening (4/20/19).


And we have only just begun! Big Things On the Horizon.


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