Game of Thrones Thoughts: Season 8 Episode 4


Well these aren’t all of my thoughts on this episode, but here they are anyway! Feel free to comment below or call in with your comments/reviews/predictions on any of this week’s broadcasts…

I liked the post-battle coverage back at Winterfell. The memorials were nicely done, and everyone spoke well. The celebratory dinner scenes, and the drinking, and schmoozing was nice. Clear to see that Dany is getting more and more paranoid. Some of the paranoia is warranted, but the rest of it is projection. Good for Lord Gendry though… and then too bad for Gendry when Ayra turns him down. Ya know, I would have loved to see Ayra choose Gendry, because why choose the lonely assassin life, for even after the war is done, and all who wronged you and your family have been dealt with in one way or another? But then again at least she’s one of a few characters who never strayed from her initial convictions.

Because Jon’s character clearly has no convictions at all, and he even fuckin’ GAVE Ghost away - didn’t even say goodbye to Ghost. Just moped off on a horse, and Ghost was all sad and shit.

Also wasn't Ghost and his siblings born on the South side of the wall? Ghost is home at Winterfell, and he’s bound to Jon. What is this "he belongs up there" stuff? What's with this detachment with Jon? At this point he seems like he's just marching from battle to battle now, trying to win everyone else a home, or a throne, trying not to step on anyone’s toes, occasionally giving a rousing speech, but then goes back to denouncing his right to anything. It’s been said that Honor and Loyalty killed the Starks…well for all of Jon’s talk about not being a Stark he sure sets himself up for failure like one. What good is it for Jon to command the respect of the army, when he can't even bring himself to defy any of Dany's more impulsive, dangerous commands?

Sansa was 100% right, they should have sat tight for a couple of weeks. It was great to see Varys and Tyrion conspiring like old times again, too; I love when those two get together.

Dany's a problem though. I wondered if she was going to be humbled by her losses in the last episode, but she's even worse; and now she’s only got one dragon left and no fleet until they get naval help from Yara Greyjoy. It will be interesting to see if Dany’s impulsivity, and jealous rage is going to be her undoing, like her father. It would seem an appropriate end.

Good for Gendry though. Good for Brienne, although I wanted to see her warm to Tormund. As for Jaimie, in the long run, I think there is too much good in him now to die on the wrong side of this fight.

Oh, also: it seems Dany enjoys a good hot cup of Starbucks coffee


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