Thank You for Your Support

Quite Frankly is live weeknights, and accessible to all, for Free. It will always be Free to watch and interact, because this has always been rooted in my love of mass communication, and the intimacy of the radio medium.  So since the product is free, all of the support this show receives is through Old Fashioned, Free Market, Voluntary Exchange!  I am humbled by the love that flows in, that I'm always looking for new ways to thank you all.

Below are two links for folks to pledge to the Original, Live, Nightly Production that is Quite Frankly.  Even $1 pledged on Patreon automatically includes your [nick]name on the nightly Intermission video (Press Play On Left), but there is a list of other perks to choose from as well.  The PayPal is the solution for those who would rather throw a few coins into my up-turned cap whenever they'd like.