Self Censorship: The Loss of the Culture War.

Tonight's Quite Frankly Podcast close to home. It was about how society wants to punish people for being human. We've gotten to a point where you can't say anything, less someone or someone within earshot should become offended. We all know that it is off to the gallows to anyone that dares even unintentionally cause a slightly awkward moment. These are a few of my musings on the topic.

Independent thought is dangerous therefore it must be crushed. Political Correctness, which should be called legalism is about crushing humanity out of people. It is Divide et Imperia. If you say the wrong thing you can loose it all, not from the state per se, but from their willing allies the multinational corporations & universities. They're the ones with there boots to population's neck, crushing their voice box. You see ideas, and curiosity is dangerous when they are set free. For if you can dream you can see a world free of the omnipresent state, and its dogmatic kleptocratic minions.

How better to exploit people if you silence them? You write the laws which become more and more draconian. Then the multinationals, say we need to protect ourselves from these laws while subtly interfering if you cross some unwritten taboo or offend someone you will be on your ear. Again they justify this by saying we're afraid of law suits, but it was them all the while they were the ones lobbying for these new laws. Overseer's don't need whips to keep there slaves afraid. They just need a tight job market, and open boarders, to keep their slaves in line. Then they say we don't have enough trained workers. What the Multinational's train them to do the work they need preposterous! And this is where the universities come into this unholy alliance. They're job is not to educate but to indoctrinate. There a few STEM classes where you still have to learn things, but even there they is a subtle indoctrination. Information Technology is the worst, because to stay employed you my at least mutter allegiance to the omnipresent state, and every other regressive idea, or you will be shunned and blacklisted. Universities are to prevent you from critical thought, it is more about what you should think vs. how you should think.

Best keep those ideas, thoughts, and dreams, locked inside the cranium where they can't do any harm but to the individual that slowly goes mad from the forced silence, and puerile plastered pleasantries.

Some say we should fight to keep our freedoms. I say we've already lost. Those that believe that group think is right and good took over many year's ago, and like a python with it's prey has slowly been strangling us, to the point any struggle constricts us even tighter.

It isn't keeping the state, but returning it back to a time when people could open express ideas without fear. It would be a long struggle which will last until our grandchildren have children. And then, maybe then if we're luck we will break these metal and vocal chains and live once again as free people should. The Master's and Mistress's of our own destiny as talent, hard work and grace shall provide.

I've had a difficult few days. So, I'm reflecting upon them. I'm not mad. I'm more disillusioned by how far we have fallen as a species. Much less a Nation.