Art Donovan on Carson: When Men Were Men

My father-in-law sent me an interview Johnny Carson did with Art Donovan, a former professional football player. These interviews are posted in the order they were conducted back in 1990. I was only five-years-old in 1990, but my God, do I wish I could have watched these with my grandfather. Football was his game. He played in High School during the 1930’s here in New York, and then after his time in the Army, went on to coach the High School’s football team for 40 years. These videos below are hilarious, I loved being around the toughness, and a relaxed self-assurance of those generations.

Who would have thought that 25 years or so later we’d be walking on eggshells, the NFL neutered by regulation and controversy; and that the Tonight Show would become merely one of a half-dozen cookie-cutter late night political platforms?


Frankie ValComment