The Right Isn't 'Rising'

A recent Rasmussen Poll found that 57% of Democrats believe Trump is guilty of Treason.  Now there are some genuinely stupid people in there who will believe anything you tell them if they think they’re going to get a free cell phone out of it… but as for the rest of our friends and family, they still trust mopey faces like Susan Rice – who is best known for lying about Benghazi being caused by a Youtube video that was critical of Islam….  She published an op-ed in the NYT earlier in the year accusing President Donald Trump of encouraging Russia to interfere in U.S. elections.

“Mr. Trump welcomes and encourages Russia, a hostile adversary, to interfere in our elections so long as the manipulations benefit him,” Rice claimed in the most incendiary line of the op-ed.

Of course she offers no proof, and this “interference” happened on her and her boss’ watch (stand-down orders were given and everything) - but then again this is the same media repetition and the magical thinking that enslaved 57% of their voters in the first place so no point in changing course now…

And this is why I take exception with the narrative about Rise of the “Far Right.” There is no rise of the “Farrr Right.” The problem is that so many people have been so Farrr removed from common sense, good humor, and intellectual honesty.  That they misdiagnose everything as Farrr Right  (even progressives like Carl Benjamin, Michael Tracey, and Tim Pool).

 And they do this to promote the truth of the herd, which usually conflicts with evidence and history. 


Leftism promotes a formless society. No genders, no modesty, no tradition, no borders, no self-control…and then the have the nerve to claim that the FAR RIGHT is rising.

It’s as if people have fallen off of a cliff… and as they’re falling they’re looking back up at the cliff and they’re saying to themselves “wow, look at how the cliff keeps rising.”  The cliff isn’t rising, you morons, you’re just in a fucking free-fall.

Frankie ValComment