Show Notes: Backyard Brawl and Andy Kubik

Welcome back to the internet home of the Derk Nasty podcast.  There is something supremely cozy about blogging on here, I'm sorry if I keep saying it.  Still, I wanted to post something short about tonight's show.

First, the opening on the breaking news concerning the discovery of alleged human trafficking encampments in Tuscon, Arizona.  All of the information I compiled for the broadcast can be found in a number of very thorough threads and articles. Here are a couple of links to get you started:

Scott Anthony (tonight's caller in the first half):

NeonRevolt (pulls from everywhere, including the chans):

In the second half of the show I had a great talk with Andrew, a longtime listener who has a Special Forces background which stretches all the way back to 1990, and he gave us some keen insight into his time in the Middle East—starting with Afghanistan.  It's a call that highlights the love our servicemen and women have for the job, but also shows how, after some time passes, even a staunch Patriot starts to ask, "Why?"

Here is the fascinating Men's Journal article on Andy's life:

Here is the link to Andy's call:

Oh and finally, Start Spreadin' the Newssss!  It literally took months to get that last 500 subscribers to hit the high-water mark of 20,000, but we did it.  And we've only just begun...