The IG Report: Week In Review

This was one helluva week, indeed.  My Little League team rose from the dead, quit drinking, and snatched themselves a spot in the 2018 Championships; we had the G-7, the Singapore Summit, and then release of the Inspector General's report. 

First and foremost, I suggest everyone take a listen to this week's episode of Dark to Light w/ Frank and Beanz. This week we talk specifically about the IG Report, and what we have been able to deduce from the little time spent with the 550+ page monster.  Click Right Here to Listen to Dark to Light: Episode Seven

I would also like to repeat a few things.  First, there is enough in this report to make anyone's head spin.  The conclusions being drawn up by the Mainstream Media within the first two hours of the reports release should be tossed away and forgotten.  Remember, the modern media's biggest priority is to get out ahead of the story as quickly as possible, provide spin for the government fellow-travelers they're trying to protect, and to make sure that an audience consisting mainly of headline-reading simpletons knows that all of the things that hurt their political interests are nothingburgers.  

Secondly, don't buy into the defeatism.  The conclusions drawn at the end of the report do not negate what we are learning about the insubordination, departmental irregularities, the Strzok texts, Weiner laptop, and multiple breaches of protocol.  The accounts are damning and numerous, and contain many references to missing information on account of what could possibly be current —or forthcoming— investigations. This report from the OIG is far too large for ANYONE to be stamping it one way or the other.  I think some people were expecting arrest warrants and death sentences to be in this thing. 

Lastly, our fight is cultural.  Always remember this.  A culture dedicated to equal application of the law and the preservation of our republic should not be this infested with corruption.  This is a zombie Government, and it is host to some of the most unapologetic grifters in world history.  Civic disengagement, poor education, and the lack of a truly free, vigilant, inquisitive press is why we are dealing with these present circumstances and this gut-twisting cast of characters.  So why anyone would ever consider throwing up their hands in defeat is beyond me.

It's good to be mad from time to time.  It's healthy to hate feeling like we're being made to take it on the chin so that bureaucrats can enjoy extrajudicial privileges.  But there's no stopping.  It's simply not allowed.

Keep your vibrations high, spend quality time with family and friends; consume good history, music, and film.  Eat, drink, exercise, plant a flower, adopt a dog —ANYTHING. Keep your vibrations high and invest more in your education.  I don't know what is going to happen next, but I do know that nothing is what it seems, and there are good people fighting the good fight—people whose names we may never learn about, but they're out there.  And we're here.