Show Notes: The Michael Cohen Fiasco

**Updated 8/23/18 9:02 AM**

Plenty to summarize from the Wednesday Night show, which included lots of jokes about porn stars and their lawyers, the tragic history of the dodo bird, and the legal strategies of lawyers who represent dodo birds in court. Always remember, this is all about two things: A Mainstream Media Mid-Term Election Carpet-Bombing, and Pressuring the President to Meet with Any Combination of these Blood-Sucking Lawyers to Construct a Perjury Case.

Lets’ start with the article by Reuters, because the entire game plan for the media, the Special Counsel, and for Campaigning Democrats is ALL laid out here, in a stunning fashion.  Note how there is no attention paid to realistic legal ramifications; yet there are multiple references to how this is going to be (should be) fuel for Democrat voters to overtake the House and draft articles of impeachment:

Now this one is essential.  I'm providing a link to Mark Levin's Tuesday night broadcast.  You can listen to this episode in itself and take away all you need to know about the gravity of the Cohen Guilty Plea and Public Declaration that he and Donald Trump were "Partners in Crime" on a campaign finance level.  If you just listen to the first thirty minutes you are going to get expert analysis, including an interview with Bradley Smith, former Chairman of the Federal Election Commission, who explains the facts of the Cohen plea agreement.

"Things not related to running a campaign are not campaign expenditures, they are personal expenditures. Even if paying someone to go away might potentially help your campaign, such an expense made with non-campaign funds is not a campaign contribution."

Listen here:

Here is Levin on TV, commenting on the obvious Perjury Trap being laid before Trump, in a 9-Minute video that summarizes everything in the radio episode (listen to the radio episode for the interview with Bradley Smith though):

“They don’t have a crime; they need this interview to *create* a crime against the president of United States.”


And now , here is a short analysis of the Plea, by one Yossi Gestetner, who even provides an idea of the absolute worst-case legal scenario for Trump (a fine smaller than the one Obama had to pay after the 2008 Election):

Then of course, Thomas Wictor had an epiphany, check it out:

When you account for everything above, it amounts to another tag-teamed drive to the voting booths in November.  In the Reuters article alone they reference how the Cohen plea increases the likelihood of a Democrat takeover of the house, and impeachment charges.  They’re using very convincing-looking bullshit to try to inspire voters, entrap the President, and avoid confirming Brett Kavanaugh.

And not for nothing, could someone humor me and let me know how this would have influenced the election?  Are the revelations of NDAs, signed by consenting adults, to make a non-campaign-related problems from 12 years ago go away, really the STRAW THAT WOULD HAVE BROKEN THE CAMEL’S BACK?  How could that have been more controversial than the Billy Bush tape?  Even THAT didn’t stop the Electoral Onslaught that was coming in November 2016.

$130,000 to Stormy Daniels…and Hillary Spent $1.2 Billion Dollars.

I thought we needed to get big money out of politics?  What now?  Get LITTLE MONEY out of politics?  Make up your mind.

Or do our candidates need to disclose the details of their sexual pasts to the country for consideration on Election Day?  If so, it’s the end of American History as we know it.

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