Show Notes: Symone Sanders and Toxic Masculinity

A few days ago we took a look at CNN's Symone Sanders' tweets about what she felt to be the real story in the case of Mollie Tibbits' murder.  According to Sanders, we should refrain from talking about how the murderer —an illegal alien— should never have been in the country to begin with—that would be painting an entire community with a broad stroke...  Still, while she was pontificating about how being critical of Illegal Immigration is a sacrilege in itself, Sanders immediately painted the male community (American Citizen or Otherwise) with an even broader stroke and blamed the murder on masculinity itself. Full Stop.

I took this opportunity to read through some material that should put a sobering view on just how dangerous the Matriarchy is...not that men aren't abusers as well, but there is only one sex that has the protection of the media.  Below are the resources from the show:

The Daily Wire article on Symone Sanders' and her impressive lack of self-awareness (which seems to be the only way liberals maintain the strength to function day-to-day without collapsing under the weight of their own prejudice):

Mel Magazine: "What Domestic Violence Against Men Looks Like"   This is one of the best articles I have found to date and I need to thank Association of Free People for the research help. I will be referencing to this article and the studies cited for years to come.

So the abuse and harassment committed by females is intentionally under-reported and it is a serious problem because it is being used to warping public perception of Men and Boys, and justifies their being treated as if they're all ticking time-bombs.  It also promotes the notion that men should simply accept women being violent as if they're toddlers having a tantrum in the frozen food aisle at a grocery store.

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Another big week in the books. See you Monday night!

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