Show Notes: Alex Acosta Resigns Over 2008 Epstein Deal

Okay, I know I have been really bad about this blog, but I am just going to start transferring over some of the notes I build up for the nightly shows — especially the episodes that require a lot of reading and nuanced analysis. If things seem a little jumbled and scatter-brained, it’s because these posts are largely based on notes that because cue-points for live broadcasts.

First, here is a link to summarize the day that Acosta resigned as Labor Secretary:

So I was asking friends if it was possible that this resignation was the work of Donald Trump or if it was something Alex Acosta insisted on personally, because Acosta just spoke so confidently about his role in this investigation the other day, and also spoke confidently about the President’s support of him…

People seem to think this is a soft firing, even though the President stood by Acosta’s side as he made the announcement. No matter what the hell it is, I just don’t understand why Acosta would even be considered for the job especially since he was vetted.  It would be hard to suggest that this was a plan either. Why would anyone take a job knowing that they are going to be heading up the Labor Department for a brief period and then be turned into a Pedophilia Pinata…that’s not a deal I would take if this was a Plan.

Acosta’s role in the Epstein please deal is not ideal for anyone who wants to see justice served, but his plea deal did make the charges brought in New York possible by localizing Epstein’s legal protections to the state of Florida.

Still a lot of people out there are having a difficult time hiding their excitement — especially because the Rip Van Winkle liberal media now sees this as a way to tie Trump to this mess. But by resigning the Media and the Brave Democrats get the head they want...couple of days of weekend headlines...but come Monday, instead of having two narratives to they only have one.

Now this is all Politics of course... right or wrong doesn't come into play... Acosta did make the deal. If he was pressured and Epstein was an asset of some kind we need to find out more... but either way Acosta still had to fall on the sword, and he did so fine.

Now the real focus, I HOPE, is going to be Operation Leap Year – what Frank Zell brought up the other night.

WHAT DID THE FBI find while interviewing witnesses and victims in 3 states????

Because it looks like we have Two cover-ups here:
Barry Krischer covered up what the Palm Beach cops found in Florida....
And Acosta— most likely under duress — covered up for what the Feds found….


But Thursday night, we get off air around 9:10pm  - at 10:09pm  Lauren Fruen of the Daily Mail publishes an article with a timeline that includes Operation Leap Year.  It’s not the centerpiece of the article, but it’s a good start.

Go over timeline....

July 2006 – The Palm Beach Police Chief grows increasingly annoyed as he watches the lack of progress his investigation is making in the legal system, and convinces the FBI to open a federal investigation. It is dubbed Operation Leap Year and the possible crime being probed is 'child prostitution.'

November 2006 –  Operation Leap Year picks up steam as the FBI begins interviewing potential witnesses and victims from the three states where Epstein owns property: Florida, New York and New Mexico. 

June 2007 – The US Attorney’s Office drafts a lengthy indictment as the federal probe  of Epstein comes to an end, while at the same time Epstein begins negotiating a possible plea deal. 

July 2007 – A new set of grand jury subpoenas are issued, including ones for Epstein’s computers. When police go to execute those subpoenas at Epstein's Palm Beach home, they discover they have all been removed. 

August 2007 – The US Attorney in Miami at the time, Alex Acosta, joins the Epstein negotiation talks. 

September 2007 – Epstein signs a non-prosecution agreement on September 24 after rejecting multiple plea deals. His criminal charges are then deferred to the Palm Beach County State Attorney's Office.

October 2007 –  Acosta meets with Epstein's lawyer Jay Lefkowitz to finalize the terms of the plea deal. It is agreed that the victims would not be notified,  the deal would be kept under seal and all grand jury subpoenas would be canceled – including the one for Epstein's computers, which were still at large

So there is a State and Federal cover-up going on here. Acosta was an attorney who had a boot put to his throat, and subsequently played the role of “The Good German” who was “just doing his job.”  Not an answer we want to hear or are willing to accept – but it is what it is and now I’d like to know WHOSE BOOT WAS ON HIS THROAT AND WHAT EXACTLY LEAP YEAR discovered.

Here is the link to the full episode (which is only on Bitchute as of now); we talk about this subject right after the the pre-show ends: (around the 19:00 mark)

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