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As you all know, we are in the middle of a series of events that is about grow to exponential levels. As it was reported last week, ‘It’s Going to be Staggering” the names that are dragged into the fray.

Not only is the Entertainment and Political world bracing for impact, but there is also going to be a much more defined link between stories new and old, from NXIVM to perhaps even cases like JonBenet Ramsey’s murder in 1996.  So, RawStory, re-published an article from 2015 on Jeffrey Epstein.

So now, I don’t know about you, but thinking about Adam Schiff and the Deepfakes hysteria… he is not preparing for disclosures that could be made in a courtroom, because the authenticity of whatever is being presented as State’s Evidence is not going to be in dispute… If I were to take a guess, Schiff is obsessing over public dumps and disclosures that make be on the way.  So I’m thinking that as the net starts catching more and more people, there may be several Dead Man’s Switches triggered along the way, as desperate individuals take as many people down as possible.

Because not for nothing, but as of right now, we’re still safely within the margins of the phony #MeToo construct, which is probably why Daily Beast and Vanity Fair have lept to cover this Epstein stuff with such enthusiasm and diligence… we’re still talking primarily about 14-17 year old girls.  But we know it wasn’t just girls, and we know the children get much younger, and we know the abuse gets far more brutal and even Satanic.

And we’re starting to get a better understanding of how huge the support base for this hidden society really is… it’s big enough to protect men like Jeffrey Epstein and Keith Raniere in State and Federal Court… and then this crossed my path:

It seems that Jeffrey Epstein once used an airplane with a Tail Number shared by the CIA, DynCorp, and the State Department:

DynCorp (/ˈdaɪnkɔːrp/),[5] most recently DynCorp International, is an American global service provider.[6] Started as an aviation company, the company also provides flight operations support, training and mentoring, international development, intelligence training and support, contingency operations, security, and operations and maintenance of land vehicles.[7] DynCorp receives more than 96% of its more than $3 billion in annual revenue from the U.S. federal government


Message from James Zell:


Not sure if my brother sent this to you or not.

The Lifeboat foundation is an organization with a focus on saving humanity through science..  

They have a space habitat program, and within that program is a Bunker and tunnel program initiative.. 


And who do you think happens to be on the board of this group that just so happens to have a bunker and tunnel program?..... Jeffery Epstein.....

James ends the email by asking: I wonder what’s underneath the temple on Little St James??


So not only did Epstein put a lot of time and money into the development of A.I. and study of Human Consciousness and Mind Control… but he is also interested in the construction of large underground complexes….for the intent of Humanity’s Survival of course

So it keeps getting creepier, and it keeps smelling more and more like low tide at the pier… the water is receding and we’re finally getting glimpses of what we could once only speculate…


But the last two months you have heard a lot from the Zell brothers, Frank and James, on the show. They have been in the audience for a long time, but they lived a True Detective: Season 1 kind of existence for decades, including doing work related to the JonBenet Ramsey murder in Boulder, Colorado.

 And late last week all of this got me thinking about JonBenet Ramsey for the first time in a long time. She was a 6-year old beauty queen who was murdered in 1996. I grew up thinking that was all an isolated tragedy.  And according to WikiPedia and elsewhere it is still one big mystery…No suspects, no DNA matches, public apologies from the DA to the parents… a four page ransom note was discovered in the house, and the girl was missing for 8 hours, before they found her bound, beaten, and asphyxsiated…in the basement of the house.

But I brought this up to Frank Zell and I got this back:

Frank...i think we all have an idea on what was going on the island of st james.....

Now imagine if st. James was a town…

That town was boulder Colorado. The girl wasnt a one-off....they were molesting kids in that town for decades...

You think the Epstein plea deal was bad....

The plea deals in Boulder ...before and after the murder... would blow your mind

Some more resources on JBR:

Therapist backs sex ring claim

DA pursues new Ramsey lead

And not for nothing, but just recently a former JonBenet Ramsey photographer was arrested in Oregon for child sex abuse…I’m sure this is habit of his:

 **I’ll consider this blog open-ended and ripe for updates**

7/25/19 - Epstein found unresponsive in his jail cell — possible hit? Suicide?

Notes from the Zell Brothers… GEORGE NADER news and a Sandusky flashback:

Frank Zell:

Frank...Remember George Nader has had access to every White House since 1986.

The other night you said....that right now Epstein is being contained in the me too world

14-17 year olds

I believe the phrase you used was...but we know its going to get worse

You dont have to wait...go read what was on Naders phone....little children and bestiality

You dont have to wait for already got it with nader

And now you have nader and 5 co conspirators


Now Frank’s brother James got in touch: Remember how the Sandusky case shocked the nation when it came out in 2011?  In the end, it was contained to Penn St... but in light of the last couple of years and the current situation with Epstein, this case should be looked at with way more scrutiny....

Remember how the Sandusky story first broke:

Pimping out children

people were always amazed how Sandusky could abuse kids.. in broad daylight, without any fear... kind of reminds me of how Epstein showed this same “ untouchable attitude”

Of course there is always a government connection right?  Guess where disgraced Penn St President Graham Spanier went to work afterwards?... That’s right.. the government.. with a security clearance!

Of course, you always have to look for disadvantage kids being taken advantage of in these cases as well... Look who was sending children to Sandusky’s house.. a group from your neck of the woods..  The NYC Fresh Air fund.... they send kids from the city to get some “ fresh air”, too bad they were sending them to Sandusky’s home!

And we know that birds of a feather flock together ... A witness came forward that  said he was introduced to Sandusky by this pedophile from Philadelphia... Edward Savitz

There always seems to be common threads to these cases.. 

thought you would be interested


Late July, 2019, Jeffrey Epstein reportedly was found with marks around his neck in his jail cell, though accounts are conflicting. He was allegedly assaulted, but either way the incident justified putting Epstein on suicide watch, even though he has been offering up the world for bail, and maintained his innocence in the court room. The man was a lot of things, but giving up on life was not one of them.

On Thu, Aug 8, I receive an email from a friend who liked to keep me updates on the Astro charts of the president, the Country at large, and my own. He wrote:

ASTRO -- High likelihood Donald will open pandora's box

between now and next monday, most likely towards Mon

we will see


Me: Open up pandora’s box in what way?

“scandals --”

(well, the next day was Friday the 9th, and we got a sliver if information from the Virginia Roberts deposition, and already it was damning…)

As my friends Harold Finch and Galactic Red Pill have so eloquently put it:  These are just a sliver of the documents coming out and this is going to be WORLD CHANGING.

AND THEN…. A Saturday Morning Suicide

Now most of my initial thoughts and questions, and a points are on the Saturday night show, go check that out if you have the time, it is a short one.

But here are some new tidbits:

1)   Epstein had his cellmate transferred out on Friday, the 9th, leaving him alone, with no security cameras on him, and supposedly “overworked Guards” who didn’t check up on Epstein for hours at a time though he required 30-minute check-ups at the bare minimum.

So essentially, It was like the Hospital Scene from the Godfather in that jail…They should have asked Enzo The Baker to guard him, it would have been miles better than what is being described.  Autopsy delayed pending further information? And the hiring of an independent Michael Baden?

And a little bit more on Michael Baden, the pathologist…  I mean… I guess it could be worse… I mean, if Jeffrey Epstein was a Supreme Court Justice he may not have gotten an autopsy at all.  And I’m tired of using these awful realities as jokes, btw…I joked on twitter the only thing missing from this bullshit Suicide Story was a Swift Burial at Sea, like they supposedly did for Osama Bin Laden.

The dead faces of Uday and Kusay Hussein were all over the front pages of the papers here in new York when we started bombing Iraq again – but the man who was pegged for killing 3,000 Americans is respectfully buried at sea in accordance with his religious beliefs…and Antonin Scalia, found with a pillow over his head is disposed of without an autopsy.

Blog: Matt Ruins Your Shit – Title: Why the Middle Ground Fallacy is a Fallacy:

With FBI agents dispatched to Little St. James island on August 12th, hours after Attorney General William Barr expressed anger with the inability to preserve a target of such high value. The AG promised that all of Epstein’s Co-Conspirators should not rest easy and that this will stop nothing.

Outside of that, there are numerous public testimonies being given to the press about how highly unlikely it is that Epstein was able to kill himself in that facility.

And the most interesting of all: No One, regardless of their politics, believes the official story…

Bonus: 9/3/19

Found it interesting to read about pedo elite intimidation tactics in the New York Post recently:

Now.. You ready to REALLY string some shit together?

Then some other pieces started fitting together, let me know what you think about this, you can either call in later on if we have time for calls, or comment below, or e-mail:

Sure you have seen this.. the director of MIT resigning?

So… MIT connected to Epstein.  CHECK…

Now, Do you remember Arron Swartz?  Famous Coder, helped found Reddit – Sold it to Conde Nast – but was dedicated to free and open internet; also free information…and that’s ultimately what got him into the legal trouble he found himself in at the time of his alleged suicide… Here is a little bit from Wired Magazine about his death and legal troubles.

Well journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, former editor of the Japan weekly wrote a story about what happened to Aaron Swartz... namely the uncovering of.. what else... child pornography ring at MIT, and supposedly that’s what Shwartz discovered and tried to expose:

So MIT is dealing with Epstein? Go figure…

Follow-up by Yoichi Shimatsu, August 2019: The Epstein-Funded Child Porn Hub MIT Media Lab That Murdered Aaron Swartz

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