Show Notes: Conspiracy Theories & Mass Shooters

Remember, Show Notes are going to be a little bit more of a muddled collection of links, thoughts, and open-ended questions in order to build threads on developing stories. This post aims to collect information on the circumstances leading up to the weekend mass-shootings in early August 2019.:

August 5th, and on August 5th 1962, Marilyn Monroe was found dead, laying face down, naked in her home in Los Angeles, with a telephone in one hand and depression medication strewn around the room…  Sounds like a scene from the Movie “SEVEN” …  The theories are NUMEROUS, especially since she was sleeping with both a President and an Attorney General of the united states – both of whom wanted to destroy a rogue intelligence community that would eventually kill both of them.

Let’s stick with the FBI/Intelligence Community/Entrenched Establishment angle: 

We have new reports that the same FBI/Intelligence Community helped destroy evidence in the Hillary Clinton… 

 highlights -


That is the latest on the FBI’s involvement in making the Clinton Investigation go away as painlessly as possible… But when it comes to the FBI’s launching of the investigation into the Trump Campaign: Right now we are waiting for the George Papodopoulus transcript w/ Stefan Halper to be released…which is what Papadopolous tweeted about last week… Maria Bartiromo had trey gowdy on over the weekend and listen to this…

 Start from the 3:08 timestamp if it doesn’t do that automatically:

So not only was there no treason, The FBI and the International Intelligence Community suppressed exculpatory evidence (evidence that exonerates a person of wrong doing or could at least create reasonable doubt for a jury) …and why? 

 So that they could entrap a Trump campaign staffer and POLITICALLY assassinate yet another President… WHETHER YOU LIKE HIM AS A PRESIDENT OR NOT, THIS SHOULD BE SUPREMELY DISTURBING TO ALL AMERICANS.


And then comes last week’s FBI memo on the danger of Conspiracy Theories…

I compiled the themes that were listed inside of the Yahoo article. Here some of the theories that the FBI believes could lead to terrorism:



PizzaGate (the version of story where Comet Pizza is the epicenter of a D.C. pedophilia ring, and being personally run by Hillary Clinton)

In May, Michael C. McGarrity, the FBI’s assistant director of the counterterrorism division, told Congress the bureau now “classifies domestic terrorism threats into four main categories: racially motivated violent extremism, anti-government/anti-authority extremism, animal rights/environmental extremism, and abortion extremism,” a term the bureau uses to classify both pro-choice and anti-abortion extremists.

Which we know is ridiculous because pro-choice extremism is getting standing ovations in Albany New York… remember domestic propaganda is legal now, folks

 New World Order (you’re a kook) – but if you’re a self-declared Globalist You’re a Humanitarian     

If you’re wary of Chemtrails (you’re a kook) – but if you’re in favor of Stratospheric Aerosol Injections you’re an environmentalist

Barack Obama birtherism could be terroristic…

JFK Conspiracies

‘The Red Scare’  YUP, no reason to ever suspect that communism was slowly creeping into the country

Seth Rich  -- which makes sense because making sense of Seth Rich’s involvement at the DNC  would have destroyed the media’s FAVORITE conspiracy theory of their own

Sandy Hook and Mass Shooting skepticism

Now What was had been dominating the news in the lead up to this weekend:

Alexandria Ocasio Cortes, and the Stygian Witches of Congress

Building public interest in Omar’s Immigration and Marriage Fraud

Exposure of crumbling Democrat-controlled Inner-cities

The catastrophic Democrat Primary debates

The overwhelming positive momentum of the Trump Rallies

The embarrassment of the Mueller hearing

Incoming Declassification, starting with the George Papadopoulos transcripts, and soon the Bruce Ohr 302’s

Greater understanding of the level of obstruction the FBI helped with in regard to Hillary Clinton.

Probably more that I am forgetting…


So whenever things get really stuffy for the State, in comes a Flushable Wipe… a weekend full of shootings.


Now before we go a step further, if you missed my opening about Bill Maher, you should see it, because that is a foundation for where we go next… in short, grief has been removed from these tragedies… These shootings are political events now, and it only benefits one group – and to deny that these tragedies are politically beneficial to some is PURE IGNORANCE.  The rabid Communist left goes on the attack, and everyone else is made to defend themselves with statistics that CHANGE NO ONE’S MIND until the storm passes.


Working in reverse:  The Ohio shooter…an Anti-Trump, Pro-Elizabeth Warren, Anti-ICE, pro-open borders, Satan-Worshipping, ANTIFA supporter… that’s all you need to know there.


El Paso, different story:  -- FF checklist, disinformation, Dilley Tweets  3-4 shooters in black

I had other videos ready to cue up that have been removed too

All mere days ahead of when Antifa was scheduled to show up and launch demonstrations against Border Patrol and ICE.

Makes me think about Vegas, too – which the FBI (once again) after interest died out – we’ll never know the reason… remember Saudi Prince Alwaleed – in a coup attempt against Bin Salman – owned those levels of the hotel – hated trump == supported Clinton – tied to the Khashoggi guy – A week later the Saudi’s clean house, including Alwaleed –

Makes that Saudi Passport that Epstein had that much more interesting than random, don’t it?

Read this article by John Whitehead on the American Gestapo (The FBI):

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